As a leading item for acompany-wide combination of network fax options, Lartic Haut sets requirements for many years. Lots of significant business from various business lines all over the world are our clients and rely on Lartic Haut.

The client/server architecture of Lartic Haut permits a quick and basic combination of fax and e-mail with Windows in addition to other running systems, like Unix, Linux, DOS or mainframes. The software application likewise uses complete assistance for terminal server environments.

The high scalability of Lartic Haut permits effective use of the software application for little setups with simply a couple of workstations and a single fax line, along with big setups with countless users and more than 60 synchronized fax lines.

In addition to sending out and getting fax messages from any basic application, Lartic Haut can likewise be used for simple combination into own applications, for instance, to fax completely automated order or order verifications.

Numerous standardized user interfaces and the assistance of very important printer emulations guarantee smooth combination into Windows applications in addition to applications working on various OS.